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AesirX Digital Asset Management: Simplify & Secure Your Assets

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Organize your files in one central location!

With AesirX DAM (Digital Asset Management) efficiently store & categorize marketing materials to streamline your workflow. Find resources faster, stay consistent, & speed up content creation.


Without DAM, content access & control are compromised

Having a hard time keeping track of all your digital files? Tired of wasting time looking for the right asset, or dealing with inconsistent branding across channels? The demands of modern marketing can be overwhelming, but AesirX DAM can be the solution.


What makes AesirX DAM different?

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Privacy Comes First

Privacy-centric solutions with local & global data storage options, all in compliance with the latest regulations.

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Enhanced Assets

Add metadata & personalize details, such as descriptions, titles, more, making retrieval & organization simpler than ever.

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Increased Efficiency

Swiftly deliver images, videos & files globally via CDN, optimizing speed & reliability.

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Secure Decentralized Storage

Utilizing innovative decentralized storage, giving you more control & security over your digital assets or NFTs (coming soon).

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Open Source Flexibility

Download & customize platform; integrate with all your favorite marketing tech to seamlessly connect brand assets online.

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Store Assets on Amazon S3

Store & retrieve any amount of data, making it suitable for businesses & developers who need reliable & secure storage.


Easy-to-Use Digital Storage Platform

Centralize assets for efficient sharing & enhanced productivity.

Maintain alignment with constantly updated, readily available assets.

Ensure uniformity in branding & synchronized management of product information.

Provide teams with ready-to-use assets, optimizing content creation.

Minimize time & expenses associated with misplaced work by managing all assets in one location.

Consolidate all product-related assets to speed up market introduction.

Easy-to-Use Digital Storage Platform

Free Open Source Technology

AesirX is committed to providing robust & accessible solutions for all.

Included in our FREE version:

Digital Asset Storage
Space for your files


Image CDN Traffic
For fast image delivery


GitHub Community
Collaborate in a public repository

Cloud Storage
Access files anywhere

Decentralized Storage
Better control over digital assets & NFTs

Coming Soon

Supported File Types
Manage different file formats


Filters / Tags
Organize with customizable tags


Content Meta Types
Add more details to content types

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Amplify AesirX’s Capabilities

Connect AesirX DAM to your existing software, such as content management systems, to enable smooth & consistent use of digital assets across various platforms.

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Add AesirX Marketing Automation Platform for a seamless & convenient marketing experience.

Lighten your workload by automatically publishing assets from AesirX Marketing Automation Platform to your social media sites.

Power up your marketing
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Integrate AesirX PIM for seamless product information handling.

Ease your team's burden by managing e-commerce site product details through AesirX DAM & PIM.

Grow your online store
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